Evolus is a performance beauty company evolving the aesthetics market for the next generation of beauty consumers through its unique, customer-centric business model and innovative digital platform. We believe these attributes represent a compelling value proposition:

Aesthetic neurotoxins and dermal fillers are the largest and two of the fastest growing segments in the rapidly expanding $19 billion global aesthetics market. With their high regulatory barriers to entry, these economically resilient product segments are poised for continued growth and adoption.

Jeuveau® was designed to compete clinically with the market leader. Results from our TRANSPARENCY global clinical program of more than 2,100 patients, including a head-to-head Phase III study comparing Jeuveau® to the market leader, provide physicians with confidence in recommending Jeuveau® to their patients. As a next step to expand our product portfolio, we recently entered into an agreement to be the exclusive U.S. distributor of Evolysse™, a complete range of five unique dermal fillers currently in late-stage development.

Evolus offers an enhanced level of physician-customer interaction. Evolus specifically targets the cash-pay aesthetic-only market. This offers us the ability to create meaningful competitive advantages, including pricing and marketing flexibility, that our competitors who also compete in reimbursed markets cannot offer.

The younger demographic is the future of aesthetics. A growing and highly under-penetrated demographic, the health and wellness-conscious millennial and younger consumer is proactive in adopting aesthetic treatments. Evolus‘ consumer loyalty program, aided by our strong digital capabilities, keep these consumers connected to the Jeuveau® brand.